Get Your Log Splitter Busy with These Wood Projects for Your Library

Need something new in your library? Add something that’s natural! These projects are for the book lovers who just can’t stop reading!

These woodworking projects need a log splitter, so I suggest you check out the top wood splitters on the market first before you proceed.


Let’s get it on!

Side Table


This portable side table is perfect for the reader who can’t stay inside the library! Some readers prefer reading in different places around the house, which makes this side table so useful and ideal. It might be a bit heavy, but it’s worth carrying. Besides, if you don’t want to transport it, you can make two to three side tables instead and place them in different locations. Now, you can access books anywhere in the house!

Tree Stump Lamp


Perfect to be placed in the library; this lamp is an excellent project for the late-night reader. Now you can read at night with an elegant lamp by your side! What’s perfect about this is that it’s a unique because you made it. Not only will it shed some light to your darkest nights; it will also serve as a beautiful decorative piece!

Upholstered Tree Chair/Stool


If you can’t get enough of tree stumps, why don’t you grab your log splitter again and make a tree stool! You can also make more to accompany the butts of your other book-loving friends. They can even be used as stools. Clearly, this project is ideal for your book club!



No list of wood projects for bibliophiles would be complete without shelves. After all, no reader can have too many bookshelves! This project keeps your books literally close to their roots. What’s lovely about this is that it saves space by just staying in the corner of your library or your room, so you can still have some space to place your reading chair, table, and other furniture. If you own a small room, but you still want a reading nook, consider this tree bookshelf as a home for your treasures.

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